The Sacred Dream

Gaia’s Oasis is a magnetic center of healing. Holistically healing humanity’s relationship with self, one another, Earth and the cosmos. As a sanctuary of deep healing and a beacon of light Gaia’s Oasis is an example of what is possible when we co-exist and collaborate.

           Healing the land through regenerative permaculture practices we provide food for our community members and herbal medicine for a broader community. We collaborate with the other communities for ethical direct trade of products. As a community open to visitors, we provide a safe place for ceremony, dance, song, meditation, yoga, and prayer. This is a space for research on advanced technologies that assist in activating the higher consciousness of our DNA. The sanctuary hosts the Vibrant Vital Water’s ® Gaia’s Fountain that restores the water and air quality.  As an intergenerational community, we provide safe spaces for play, learning, birth, and death. By maintaining a conscious connection to the Earth grid of ley- lines we affect the global consciousness. Through maintaining ancient teachings we support the wisdom keepers of traditional ways of life. The healing hut offers services from acupuncturists, yogis, massage therapists, art therapists, psychotherapists, medicine women, and men. 

Outreach programs for youth and low-income populations will come.

We will be a model for not just stable and sustainable, but also regenerative and integrative ways of living in harmony with Gaia and each other.

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