Established in Love

       Gaia's Oasis is an organization that seeks to connect communities across the world. With an emphasis on permaculture communities that focuses on regenerative agriculture and holistic health. The central focus is to honor, respect, and protect the Earth. Our codex is to be a rainbow bridge for the world. We support those that are sharing innovative ideas and help facilitate a web of connection through a global community.
  Gaia's Oasis is an example of what is possible when we harmonize with Mother Nature by rooting our hearts and making collaborative actions. We abide by permaculture principles, we awaken to our integration with all of nature through being natural humans. Nature is naturally abundant and we all have so much to share and learn from one another. Each one of us has a part in this web of design. It is the web of life that truly connects us all. Nature teaches us the cycles of death and rebirth are unfolding continuously. We come together with the common thread of respect for all life.
     In support of this mission, we are in contact with communities across the southwest about budding opportunities and regenerative ways of living. Currently growing food and medicine, amending soil, and planting trees on various properties. From the soil up we follow the rhythms of the celestial bodies, and the seasons and adapt to the changes in climate. 
     Gaia's Oasis, hosts collaborative work-play days, ceremonies, and Full Moon dances for the community regularly. All of life is interconnected and through honoring ourselves we honor all life. We come together to celebrate and honor Gaia. 

We are rekindling the ancestral ways of living that are in sync with the natural cycles and rhythms of our Mother. This includes ceremony, ritual, planting new gardens, and learning from elders and wisdom keepers.
    This year we celebrating local communities in Northern New Mexico at
Gaia's Gathing.

Community Candidates
We have a budding community of several Earth lovers living on the land full and part-time. If you are interested in the 2-year candidate process please contact us.