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Gaia's Gathering

We will be gathering an enchanting weekend that will enliven and revive your spirit. Come refresh and rejuvenate your whole self with like-minded people, music, dance, yoga, and learn about how we can come together to protect the environment. Our cause is encouraging us all to live in harmony with the Earth. By carrying this intention together our conscious unity creates a wave of possibility for all of humanity. Each of us carries the power of nature. During this gathering, we will grow, evolve and elevate consciousness. We will have several projects before and during the festival to build soil and create regenerative systems for life. From the soil to the depths of our souls we will cultivate life-giving energy. 

Gaia's Gathering is a fundraiser event to support the development of a permaculture eco-village and to support local communities.  

Gaia's Oasis eco-village will be yet another example of what is possible for our future. To learn more visit our Home page

This gathering is to unite the people over a common cause of reunification with the Goddess of Earth, as known as Gaia. She has many names and ultimately she is the sustainer of life as we know it. She is the ground under our feet and the trees that shade us, she is the flowing rivers and towering mountains. Come to connect to the Earth and learn ways to build soil, energize your body, clear your mind and go beyond sustaining life. 

Come as you are, leave transformed. 

At Gaia's Gathering



Festival tickets support:

Musicians and talent like any festival ought to.

Regenerative Community Building in Northern New Mexico.

Workshops: Off-grid living, permaculture, biodynamic design, living soil, mycelium, plant medicine, making it on the land, nutrition, breath work,

law of attraction, herbal walks, Astral projection, Voice awakening, and more.

Experiences: Sound-healing, structured water, community building, contact improv, ecstatic dance, yoga, meditation, and healing arts. 

Ceremony: Cacao, sacred fire, Taos Round Dance, water blessings, song, prayer, and more. 

Music: Live acoustic music, kirtan, DJ sets, and sound-healing.