You will receive an email from GaiasOasis108@gmail.com

 to confirm you are accepted. You must be accepted to be on will call. 

You will receive a 3-day General Admission pass.

With the expectation of work-trade at 10 hours minimum, knowing that you may be asked to do more. 

Build Crew:

"Grotto Stage" Will be built up in July. It is a sound proofed stage submerged in the Earth made of the Earth. This is a great opportunity to build your skills and support the festival in a big way. Your extra reward is a Sunday Ecstatic dance and potluck after 4 days of work. 

Grotto is "a small picturesque cave, especially an artificial one in a park or garden."

Stage Hand

Must have experience working with sound tech. You will be working on the mainstage and closely with artists, musicians, teachers, and leaders. You will get a specific schedule and are expected to show up on time and may have to stay a few minutes, never hours later than anticipated, you may also get off early. Be able to flow as a team player. 

Land Love

Involves maintaining the grounds, keeping the peace, and protecting the environment. Working as needed at any point during the festival offering support to the community in anyway asked. This may involve supervising children while ensuring parent contact. Supporting role with the intention of stewarding an atmosphere of respect that is safe for all. 

Green Team

On duty as trash, recycling, and compost team. Answering questions, keeping it clean and just working as needed at any point during the festival.

Tickets, Greeters, Parking, Camping Coordinators

Welcoming party, you are a main personality. All you got to do is smile and wave, check ID's and give out wristbands, and help people find their camping spots. There will be someone on hand to answer questions and handle payments. 

Promotions team

You MUST be approved to receive this position. 

Expected to post 20 flyers, pass out playbills, and make 15 posts on social media.